When it all began

Our Breys Meat Market, formally known as Breys Moslem Butchery, started from humble beginnings in 1937, when Allie Omar Brey, originally from India, took over an existing butchery in the then undeveloped Athlone area.

Allie Omar Brey and his six children, some of their spouses and children all worked in the family business. In the 1960’s Mahmood Allie Brey, the second eldest son, was to head up one of the first halaal butchers to make biltong. The biltong is now a signature Brey’s product and sold in several stores in and around the Western Cape. With the demise of Allie Omar Brey in 1972, Mahmood Allie Brey took over the reins and under his leadership the business flourished. After a devastating fire in 1974, the business had to be rebuilt.

Mahmood Allie Brey, passed on in 1990, but is still fondly remembered by his family. After his passing, his wife Ayesha Brey (nee Gangraker) ran the butchery along with his sister Safiya Sayed, for over a decade until Ayesha passed on in 2005. Not having any of their own children, the butchery was passed on into the hand`s of Safiya Sayed and her family. The business is now headed up by Safiya’s two sons, Ebrahim and Moorad.


Breys Meat Market opened the doors of their revamped butchery on 16 October 2017. The new butchery now provides a full range of meat products as well as other convenience products in an ultra modern, unique shopping environment.


Supplying a variety of businesses in the food market – retailers, restaurants, take-ways, savoury manufacturers and home industries. Contact us for trade enquiries.

Thank you

The management and staff of Breys Meat Market would like to take this opportunity to thank the Athlone community for their patience during their construction process as well as their continued support over the years.